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Sonoma Knights of the Eternal Flame
Code of Conduct

Directives for the guild of KEF on the Sonoma shard and its members playing there.

1.)Guild Members shall in all instances refrain from the use of "langauge" which can be construed as obsene or offensive.

The usual well known obsenities are not the words to come form the mouths or the keyboards of our members.

Members of this guild should always present the most desireable model for behavior, in or out of character, when ever can be seen as a representation of the guild as a whole or its guild members anywhere.

2.)A "Knight" is the ultimate in self-control in all circumstances. They set the example for the rest of the guild.

No Knight of KEF should in any instance accost, attack, or engage in outright harassment of another.

Even Characters/Players who display conduct that can be construed as less than desireable, are to be treated with restraint. To do other wise is to jeopardize your own reputation and that of the guild.

*** To this end, guild members should typicialy not strike the first blow.

This can be difficult, and in certain cases an obvious error when dealing with know Player Killers, and similar rouges.

Each guild member is responsible for the choices they make, but every effort should be made to give a bennifit of the doubt where possible, lest the innocent come to see the guild and its members in a poor light.

This includes not reentering a combat after being killed in the battle. This can possibly be seen as cowardice or harrasement.

Pressing an attack after a resurrection when all parties are done with the first engagement does not constitute a re-entry.

Exceptional circumstances may dictate this rule to be without merrit, where an obvious sacrifice is warranted to prevent the death of a character incapable of with standing the heat of battle, or where the preservation of an innocents property is the prime consideration.

Members of this guild shall not enter a battle without announcing their entry before taking any actions which could be deem as offensive in intent.

Spells and other magics which strengthen or serve to protect are not offensive in nature.

The use of a "sneak attack" is frowned upon typicialy, as it represents cowardice in the face of an enemy, unless there are very extenuating circumstances (as in the below example).

This does not preclude the "laying in wait" with in a privately held establishment (open to the publc), to confront a know, pk'er, so as to prevent their escape from justice.

3.)Members shall maintain their notoriety. Proper care and attention to a individual's notoriety is a primary responsibility of guild members.

Who we are, and what we do and say, is reflected in appearances, of which notoriety is the first thing someone sees.

However mistakes happen.

If this should occur it is imperative the member inform the GM/AGM and if applicable your AK immediately.

Provide details as to:
how it happened,
Who the injured parties where if any.

Anything having negative effect on a member's notoriety may be cause for an investigation by the council; as the GM may determine.

4.)Regarding Notoriety Hunting You will not be faulted for pouncing upon an evil (assuming ye gave the proper war cry)

for should any be RED in notoriety, it is a knights prerogative to choose whether or not to press the attack.

Pouncing upon a GREY notoriety character should not be done.

Announced or not announced they are NOT evil.

They should be carefully watched, with much caution, and perhaps even questioned thoroughly while delivering a strong message, but they should not be attacked simply because their honor may be in question.

Common sense should be exercised; as special circumstances could possibly negate this.

Ie. the GREY character is a well known Player Killer.

Anybody EVIL on the other hand, should and can be attacked without fear of reprisal from this guild.

HOWEVER, you must use your judgement, should an evil be with or under the "safe conduct" of others that are of a well known good guild, or an Allied guild of K.E.F., then you need to "feel the situation out".

Before you kill the RED Notoriety Character, remember that your attack and its effects are also brought to the guild as a whole. The motto: "Aude Separe" (hear the other side) should always be allowed to prevail; else suffer the possible consequences that may occur.

5.)The use of Poision is forbidden

Members of this guild can not, and will not use Poison.

This shall include spell, or a tainted blade.

This does not include the spell "Bade Spirit", which by definition is a spirit. The spirit's effect is seen as poisionious, but is not in fact poision.

An exception shall permit the use of poison for the training of healers,or its manufacture for healers by Alchemists and such.

6.)Members shall adhere to Ultima's guidelines and rules.

This guild is not a separate society that will support violations of these rules!

We are a Good guild, and shall not only abide by, but assist, where possible, in the rules enforcement!

This includes Hacking of game files.

Use of any program banned by OSO.

and exploitation of all bugs.

Members of KEF are subject to dismissal upon proof of duplication of items in the game or hacking.

Members of KEF shall not be allowed to take gifts from others of items not found in the game.

All members should strive to discourage cheats, hacks and or duplication of items with anyone they know, and hopefully this will discourage all from cheating.

Remember, regardless of class, you are a KEF guild member, and all the realms will look up to you!

You should act accordingly.

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