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The Fight with the Dark One:
part of the quest of Andross the Explorer

I gathered some of the knights and we headed to the YMCA to join the other nobel warriors headed to Fire Island. Somehow we got separated. Antonio and Kane Valor jumped into the gate newly opened and I waited to find Ruddack. Finally I found him sitting outside with Valas waiting on a few others before they left. Then Chanur came outside and greeted us. Both healers were very nice and we conversed for awhile until someone opened a gate. They were glad to have us along on this journey and I was very glad to have a healer with us as my skill at healing was sometimes askance. When we arrived at the temple, sounds of people yelling battle cries, clinking of aromor and, the thunk of weapons hitting their mark filled the air. A low growl permeated all sounds comming from the middle of the temple, but we did not reach the source of the sound before getting overwhelmed by a wave of trolls. I stood my ground swing my sword knowing that this may be the last I see of this temple in color. Ruddack started slashing at the trolls from the sides and concentrated on healing me as well as valas standing beside me working fruiously at keeping me alive. Alas there was nothing but corpses at our feet.

We all ran into the center of the temple. I lost site of Valas and Ruddack as I fought my way to the second set of stairs where stood a huge black troll bellowing something about the storm bringer. Putting my weapon aside I reached into my pack and withdrew my mage book. Trying to block out all the commotion around me I concentrated on the spell. Lightening flicked off my fingers bearly hurting the Dark One, I kept casting and casting to no avail. Other mages and warriors alike were attacking him, yet nothing seemed to phase him.

A wave of trolls started toward me and I quickly took up my sword and shield and yelled, KEF CHARGE!! I heard the return of that battle cry beside me and one just across from me. Smiling I joined Ruddack and Valor. Then I cought site of Antonio rushing to help us. With pride I swung my sword beating the first troll to reach me until it fell. On and on we fought side by side. Rushing to help others overcome with the waves the Dark One was sending against us. Trolls would try to overwhelm us. I would cast teleport and find them chasing me from one side of the temple to another, as Ruddack, Valor, Antonio and countless other warriors picked off the ends of the wave until we could take a deep breath and start again. It never seemed to end.

Then Andross came into the Blood drawn pentagram as the Dark One walked to meet him. We all stood around as Andross tried to speak to the beast. All of a sudden Andross was screaming and fell to the ground. Anger seethed through me and I ran into the circle and started swinging my mace at the foul beast's head. Many joined me and then he spun into a whirl of wind and vanished. We were standing there looking at each other wondering where he had gone when millions upon millions of undead arose all around us. It was too much for me. No matter how hard I fought more took their place. I gave one last yell for the KEF knights to charge and fell where I was standing.

Floating beside Rand, and many others I listened to Andross speak from the ether and watched as hero's fell around me. My heart wrenched as I surveyed the dead bodys, they were too many, no one would survive the devistation. Twas a good thing our souls were given to the Eternal Flame on our knighting, for this night the Dark One would revel on the bounty of many souls. The howling ceased as the last Litch was felled and I saw Valas come riding up alive to where me and Rand were. He worked very hard healing our fallen bodies. I could see the sadness on his face and the exhaustion in his eyes as Rand took on his body again. Finally I too felt the flesh and bones of my body meld with my spirit. I thanked him heartily and ran to find my brothers. They were standing by the stairs, valor in nothing but his clothes. We joined a few mages going to the Moonglow Mage Tower.

The night was devastating. What would happen next? what did Axiom's prophecies mean? The first part had come true, what of the second? what of the visions? I left Ruddack, Valor, and Antonio at the guild house and went to see what I could find out from others that were there. I entered the YMCA and found non other then Valas sitting at a table talking to a few others. We sat for many hours discussing what each had saw, what we thought might happen next and just comforting one another in the others presence.

Sapsar DeThraven
GM of the Knights of the Eternal Flame Sonoma Chapter

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