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Calah Greenleaf
Sonoma Shard
Plant Growth Stages

Mekela Grandier
Catskills Shard

Day 1

A Vibrant Seed
Day 2

A Vibrant Sapling
Day 3

A Vibrant Sapling
Days 0-3 Emptying the Plant bowl will yield:
an empty plant bowl and seed in your pack.
Day 4

A Vibrant Plant
Day 5

A Vibrant Plant
Day 6

A Vibrant Plant
Day 4-6 emptying the bowl will yield:
an empty plant bowl in your pack, no seed!
Day 6 is the last day in the plant bowl.
Day 7

A Vibrant
"Barrel Cactus"
Day 8

A Vibrant
"Barrel Cactus"
Day 9

A Vibrant
"Barrel Cactus"
Day 7-9 it is a full grown plant.
The Plant Name and Color will appear when clicked.

Day 7: The plant produces pollen,
is ready to be pollinated.

Day 8: plant can still be pollinated,
if it has not already been pollinated.

Day 9: If Plant is not pollinated, it will self pollinate.
The decoration Mode Button Appears.

Day 10-17
(Menu still shows day 9,
it will never change past day 9)
Day 10: it will begin to produce Seeds/Resources.

Note: If seeds come from a plant that is self polinated
it will show the type of plant (ie: name and color) from seedling to full grown plant.

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