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History of the Knights of the Eternal Flame

We hail from a far distant land called Neverwinter Nights. Within that land, the Knights of the Eternal Flame, established itself as one of the oldest and largest "goodie" guilds. Neverwinter Nights was an AD&D game and the guild followed the strictures of the lawful good. We are well known for our inability to tell a lie which follows us till this day. Its not easy finding an honest tradesman, knight, or even priest, but with KEF you have a whole guild of knights to turn to if you are ever in need. The final days of Neverwinter found us all in high spirits, not because our beloved world was disapearing, over run with evil and sinking into the ocean, but because we knew, we would go on together and find another home.
Some guild members traveled to the lands of the Meridian, while others went to illustria. A few members stayed in the guild keep though dusty and empty of servents waiting for a place they could call home. We formed a Central Council and adapted our Charter and By laws to the new worlds around us. When the call from Empyria called some answered, yet others traveled to a whole new world, one that was contained in a crystal. The land of Sosaria was an adventure to all who entered the gates to shed the light of the flame to the citizens. The travel to Britania left us weak like babes. Old Knights became young again, but they had to strive to get their muscles to do the work that came so easily to them in Neverwinter. The land was forgiving and soon many more knights arrived to lend a hand. And finally the day came when we put up our keep here. It was glorious to see the banners flying high from the roof and the glow of the flame shining down.
The Knights of the Eternal Flame grew over time and some of us began to feel growing pains again. The need to do something more...... That is when we went as a scouting party from Chesapeake though a magical gate and found ourselves on another shard of that same crystal, this time it was called Sonoma.

"We hold aloft the light of the flame as a shining beacon for all the realms to see. May tyranny and evil be burned with its intensity, and the pure of heart be strengthened by its warm glow !! "

The Knights of the Eternal Flame is a guild thats was established some 7 or more years ago. We carry on that tradition with the same basic Charter and Bylaws and claim members in many different games, many age groups, and many interests. Our members range from months with the guild to too old to even go there. We are now a webbased guild run by a Central Council, with various Chapters, Out Posts, and scouting parties all spreading the light of the flame.

The Ending of Neverwinter Nights

The Land of Britania, New begining

Journey to Sonoma: The Strange Gate

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