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Lord British's Nightmares and the coming of the future, begining of an OSI quest

I had heard that Lord british was troubled about something and decided to go see if there was something we could do to help. He waited for me in his private audiance chamber and did seem very upset. The dreams he had been having made him feel like evil was coming from Buc's Den. He told me the visions he had been having showed him dead walking again, and spoke about a "long dead crow flies again" and that life was being sappd from everything. He also said that the sages are all going mad that Nystal locked himself in his room amd would not answer the door. I assured him I will speak with the other sages and departed. I found geoffrey on the castle grounds guarding. he relayed that he was currently the private guard of Lord British but could not explain to me why he was so worried about the King.
Finally I wandered around the grounds until I spoted Xavia standing in a grove of apple and peach trees. His Blue Staff bright even in the sunlight. I asked how he was feeling and he proceeded to tell me the he was haunted by nightmares. he spoke of visions of dead walking, cities on fire, and something cryptic about evil being unearthed. He was very adiamit about a "spider weaving its web in hiding." He kept repeating himslf over and over, so not to provoke any more of his madness I quietly slipped away to search from Etherian in Moonglow.

Etherian was very hard to find I searched all over the Lycenium. The sage I spoke to was drenched in sweat and too busy to give me any answers, so I strolled outside the center of Knowledge to the rooms the sages and scholars used. I knocked on Etherian's door and he said its about time you got here. I was little surprised that he was expecting as he is a sage. He turned his sightless eyes on me as I asked about the visions. He refused to speak to me of what only he could see, but instead gave me cryptic messages about the visions and madness. "The root of the madness is the visions all broken into fragments." He told me it was a puzzle to be put together but I must be patient about it. I am not sure if he was reassuring his madness or speaking directly to me, as I am known to be impatient about a mystery. As I took my leave of him he said, "The puzzles are pieces of the future the answer is to forsee the future." I headed back to the guild house to dwell on the information I had gathered.

Two days later there was a raid on the Island of Moonglow from Buc's Den Pirates, blood filled the streets as the waves and waves of pirates lasted for hours. Ruddack, Antonio, Fair Star and myself fought side by side as the attacked was pressed each time. Finally they stopped coming. Could this b the first of the evil coming from Buc's Den? We took a search party to the island and uncovered nothing but another puzzle. There were hidden stairs in the tavernand the bath house that we could not open. If there is indeed someone in hiding they might be below those buildings. We will return for a more thorough search in the days coming.

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