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Public Meeting Hall
"Judge Not Above Thine Own Standards"

Hail and Well Met!
I hope ye enjoy thy visit with us. In this Meeting Hall ye can find the directory to the rest of the stronghold and throughout thy stay there will be scrolls to guide thee on the way.
Let us first draw thy attention to our wonderful Library. Within its walls we keep all the important scrolls which should satisfy even the most curious among thee.
Once ye have read the documents in our library ye may be interested in becoming a member, the Application Office is but a few steps away.
If ye need advice on something, wonderered how something works, or want to change professions the Resource Room is where the answers lie. It also holds information about the various chapters we have within our guild, the other worlds we abide in, and a few web houses our members have opened to the public.

We hope ye enjoy the tour, we are always glad to meet new friends.

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