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Applications Office

T he Path to become a Knight of the Eternal Flame is no easy task.
It demands dedication, determination, and an oath to all that is honest, trustworthy, and good.
It asks for service to others, respect for everyone, and the want to spread the light to the realms.
It requires ye to act knightly even in the face of criticism, harrasment, and provocation by evil.
The path of the Flame is rewarding, but one must be ready to follow it with ones heart, body, and mind.
Are ye ready to give of thyself to thy fellow knights? To help those who look to ye for guidance, for protection, for help? To follow the path of the flame where ever it leads?
If thy heart answers the call with a resounding yea, if after reading everything that is required of thee as a candidate of KEF, our By Laws, Code of Conduct, and Charter can be found with our library, then take up thy pen and fill out the application.

May the Light of the Flame Guide Thee.

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