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Resource Room

Ultima Online Info Sites

everything you want or need to know about uo can be found within these pages.
UO Main Page
Origin's website for UO. front page has news, and links to every section of their site.

UO Update Center
Find out whats coming to uo, with patch information, testing info, and the FYI section.

Ultima Online Stratics
This site is full of information, current news, community news, shard news, and message boards. If you need to know how something works I suggest to look here first.

UO Vault
Current news of both game, guild, and events, plus message boards.

Crossroads to Britania
Shard news, message boards and a whole lot more.

UO Portal
like COB has alot of stuff for all shards.

Britania: Events for Players
Want to know whats happening? check here.

Trading and Merchantile Sites

If you have items to sell, or want to buy that halbi you been searching for these sites will full all your needs.
The Post and UO Market
Message boards for every shard, also has current merchant news, and a board where you can find out how much your stuff is really worth. They also provide broker service for those big deals you are not sure you can trust.

UO Realtors
Need a house? can't find a place to set the one you have? or just want to sell some property.

The Virtuous Auction
good place to put your items for sale. Lets you set a base price so you can't lose on the deal.

Shadow Gate-Markets and Merchants
nice place to see what people are selling on their vendors, and to post yours if you have one.

Sonoma Shard Sites

Player Establishments, and sites on the Sonoma Shard.

Yew Merry Center for All (YMCA)

Player run establishment, has a very nice set up and you can always find people there who are friendly and helpful. So Stop by their website, and then hop ingame, trek to yew, and visit their place, you'll be happy you did.

Sonoma Quest News
Player and OSI run quests posted here with current news and a break down of each quest and how to get involved.

The Township of Caendryl
A Player run Town near the shrine of Spirituality. Hosts many different things.

City of Oasis
If you love to fight Oasis is a good place to visit, they hold a fight night every week or two and have many prizes for the winners. Its a big event so stop by and check them out.

The Flying Orc Tavern and Brewery

Other KEF Guild Sites

We are many, we have traveled to many worlds, all in the quest to spread the light of the Flame.
Knights of the Eternal Flame Central Council
This is the main guild page of KEF. It is the place that connects us all in everygame.

Knights of the Eternal Flame UO Chesapeake Chapter
The first chapter in UO

Knights of the Eternal Flame Ever Quest Outpost
Page should be up in a short while as we have a scouting party for KEF already there exploring the lands.

Knights of the Eternal Flame Meridian59 Chapter

Knights of the Eternal Flame Lords of Empyria Chapter

Member Pages

Personal Pages from individual members of KEF
Aluric's Page
Assistant GM central council

High Priest of KEF

Bumble The Bard
Songs and Poems by the wordsmith of sosaria. Squire of KEF Chesapeake chapter

Club LaFox
Knight of KEF Chesapeake Chapter

UO Comics

If you have time and want to get a good laugh read a few of these.
Tyron's ImaNewbie Does Britania
This is probibly one of the funniest and most read comics on uo. Go read and laugh a bit you will fall inlove with Ima and his friends. Just watch out for the killer chicken!

Killed Onsite
The underside of uo, follow a dread lord through his many exploits. Very funny.

Bones UO Comics
Funny toons about pks.

Lost In UO
also a funny site about pks

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