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Sonoma K E F Guild Colors

Guild Colors are to be worn by all members
with Honor and Pride.

Each Rank has its own color and clothing to be worn at all times.

Page Blue robe no cape
Squire Maroon Robe no cape
Knight Errant Maroon Clothing (one major piece will surfice ie. Tunic, Sir coat, robe, shirt, vest etc...) Blue Cape
Full Knight either blue and/or gold (only one major piece will surfice choice is upto the knights themselves) Maroon Cape
Guild Craftsperson for the time being, until we institute the apprenticeship program, just wear one piece of maroon clothing or a maroon apron only Knights wear capes

Pages-Knight Errant's will be given their robes and rank colors by their Arch Knights.
The guild has dye tubs of each specified color please use those for uniformity

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