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Sonoma Knights of the Eternal Flame
Current Council Members

The Council is elected by vote of the full Knights every 6 months. The elected positions are GM, AGM, KOR, and Warlord. The other seats of the coucil are appointed by those elected. To Hold a coucil seat one must be a full knight in good standing. The current council will hold office from :July - January 2000/2001. If there is a vacancy and you wish to provide service to the guild by holding that specific office please contact the GM

Guild Master Ruddack Au'Bannon Knight Valiant
Assistant Guild Master Deldin Knight ...
Knight Of the Rose Sapsar DeThraven Knight Valiant
WarLord Tralan DeThraven Sword Knight
Saneschal/Scribe Fair Star Au'Bannon Dragon Knight
Hearald. .
Applications Master/Mistress Jaid Knight . . .
Prior . .
Master at Arms . .
Advisors . .

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