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Attack on the lair to retrieve the Flame,
another part of the quest of Sindl's Flame

Seer Axiom gave another prophecy:

Glowing bright, missing from it's neck...
The Being walks the steps.
Dark One is, little more...
Without the coil at his core.
Glowing bright against his neck...
The Explorer walks the steps.
Meeting Death at it's door...
Which will hold the coil at their core?

A Storm Rages, over one man's heart.
The pains he feels for exploration are in his
Death knocks at the door for him alone.
Will he answer it by himself?
One man dies for another's youth. One girl cries
in her sleep.
Chiseled features of inspiration for her black,
glassy art.

[consisting of three visions]

First Vision

A fire burns,
... leaving behind a cold, tender rock
So tender that it cuts which dares defy it.

Seeing the cold glow,
... warmthless as it flickers,
fades Fades as his decision is made, resolutely.

Proud and powerful It stands
... awaiting the challenge.
The challenge that will set it free.

Second Vision

A sweet ecstasy is crafted for thee,
If only ye should ask for it.

As to drink from the cup,
and that cup shall floweth over.

It shall floweth over with thine blood.

Third Vision

Be with him,
leave it.
Do not let him go.

Plans and pain,
all abound.
Do Not let him go.

Release the evil,
Stronger, swift.
Do Not Let him go.

Burned and charred,
left dead.
Do Not Let Him go.

For only you,
one decision.
Do Not Let Him Go.

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