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The Quest to find the Queen Spider, part of the quest of Sindl's Flame

Lady Fair Star and I went on a small outing to investigate the surrounding countryside around each of the moongates. During our sribblings we were informed that Antonio had arrived in brittian through the magical gate and was in need of an escourt. We rushed to town, happy to meet up with him again and a kind gentleman opened a gate to Moonglow for us. Lady fair and Antonio went through the gate ahead of me and just as I was stepping through a man approached me and ask that he might speak to me in private. Well the dubious reputation of some left me leary to forgo my plans to follow the others, but his insistance peeked my curiosity. I followed him to a room below a guard tower and listened to what he unfolded. He spoke of a stolen flame locked in a lair and a quest to find a queen spider that held acid that will break the lock. At this point I was very interested, to say the least, why he wanted me to know this information. He then came to the reason why he wanted to speak with me...

"We need strong hands to help us recover this acid, we leave tonight in an hour and would be honored if thy guild could assist us in fighting the evil that is sure to come to stop this." New to this realm and still weak I was hesitant to offer our help without asking the others, yet his plea spoke to all that we as knights were. I told him I would bring who I could with me and he hastened to show me the meeting place.

When I got back to the guild house everyone was eager to help. So at the appointed hour myslf, Sir Ruddack, and Antonio left for town. On arriving there we saw masses of people standing outside as Ceredwin arrived and started organizing us into two groups handing out red capes for the warriors and blue for the mages and explaining what we needed to search for. We stood in lines at the cave enterance as you can see below. Sir Ruddack in a bandana so that I could see him in the crowd and Antonio, bow in hand beside him.

We entered the dungeon known as despise and started our search, monsters, rats, snakes and spiders were everywhere, as we continued downward toward the lake on the second level all manner of foul creatures attacked us. Many were lost in the first hour. Elder Gazers attacked and Antonio was taken down with a group of others but the press was so bad we had to let him be taken to the healers in town. The farther we went the more evil the creatures sent against us.

Our Numbers were dwindling and still we could not locate this queen spider. Then I along with another group, saw the miner's son trapped in a spider web. Not thinking we rushed to free him and all of a sudden Dread Spiders were there closing off our route of escape. These creatures were huge black and deadly. Mages were casting cure posion on us constantly as we turned to flee back to make a frontal assault. Thats when i saw Ruddack race between the breach to hold it open for our escape. He held it long enough for us to get back through and he went down under the onslaught. Ceredwin rushed to his side calling for a healer to heal this brave knight. We pushed a frontal assault and the dread spiders crumbled before us. The Miner's son was rescued as more dread spiders arrived to attack us. Ceredwin called for us to leave off and return to the search for this queen. Our numbers had dwindled considerably by the time we found her.

She sat on three eggs guarded by a dread spider. Not noticing that no one was following me I rushed in to attack her, Sir Ruddack behind me. One bite from her and I went down as the dread spider attacked ruddack. They pulled his body back behind the rocks where they stood guard, called a healer and waited for the queen to leave my side. The Queen proceeded to strip my body of eveything I had on and all that I carried, stunned and paralized I could do nothing to stop her. Finally she left off and they retrieved me and healed me. I stood by the rocks coaxing the Queen to come closer. She toyed with me laying my things out on the floor out of my reach and walking a bit away, but everytime I or anyone ese tried to get them the dread attacked. We went back and forth like this for awhile until she tired with the play and settled again on her eggs.

Dressed in armor again with my trusty mace me and ruddack listened as Ceredwin explained we needed a sword to attack her with. The sword was finally found only after we raced past the Queen and found it in a box in the back. Ceredwin took the sword and repared to attack. I stood at his side yelling to Ruddack to get ready we were going in. From both sides we attacked and finally got the Queen. It took many warriors and Mages to kill her. The sac of acid was retrieved by the historian and we all gated to the outside of the dungeon to guard ceredwin back to town.

We all gathered in Ceredwin's house. Our numbers had dwindled to 20 by then. He thanked each of us one at a time, tried to give me gold for our help, but I refused it was a just cause and we are not mercenary knights. I thanks him for calling on us and for the gift bag of regs and told him we would be there to help when he assaulted the lair. Was a great evening fighting for good in this new land of ours. The Knights of the Eternal Flame will be remembered for its service to those in need that night and will be on hand to offer help if any should need.

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