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Attack on the lair to retrieve the Flame, another part of the quest of Sindl's Flame

We all met at Ceredwin's house to prepare for the attack of the lair where sindl's flame was being held.

many adventurers gathered and as the advanced team were sending in reports more hero's were called in to help. finally we got the word to leave, gates opened and we entered them. The front of the lair was being held by the War Lords and we knew that there would be opposition. When we stepped out of the gates we were besieged by deamons summoned from the nether. WL mages stood in their midst replacing the deamons as one fell. It was total chaos. I saw one mage close to me prepare to call another deamon and the decision was made I rushed her hoping to disrupt her spell. She turned to me and told the closest deamon to attack, I was sorely injured. A healer nearby came to help and the hero's started to dispel the creatures and attack the WL with a concerted effort we finally secured the gate and awaited Ceredwin to pour the acid on them. The gates disolved and we entered the lair. Sindl's Flame sat atop a pedestal surrounded by a force field and pits of flowing lava. We could not get to it.

The watchman, a shadowy figure in a tribal mask apeared and told us he had a riddle for us to solve. Many tried to figure out the clues he gave us and one by the name of Alexander answered true. The watchman was not satisfied. He asked more riddles and after what seemed like hours finally called forth four adventurers to take a place on one of the four squares in the center of the lair, Willow, alexnder, the freeman, and Tim. They had to vow their souls to him if they lost and he began to play a game with them while we looked on helpless to stop the foolish game. The watchman told them to scatter and they moved from one square to the next in a seeming dance of fate until he called a number. The person who stood on that square was then killed by the fatal Lightening of the watchman. The game made no sense, I and many others could not understand what the meaning of this was, but it was out of our control to stop. The an someone showed up beside us, while we were watching, and cut Ceredwin with his poisoned blade and he fell ill again. On and on they danced in the center oblivious to the melee, one by one falling prey to the watchman's whim. Finally only Alexander stood.

An ememy to Ceredwin and the watchman proclaimed that he was the one who could take the flame. He ran to the dias and the flame would not come near him. No matter what he did it still stayed locked. Frustrated, we all started to look around, there had to be something that would release the flame. The watchman returned and told ceredwin that the flame was very unstable and that magic used around it could destroy it. Fools rushed around the flame casting magic, the place turned into chaos as some tried to get to the flame and others tried to find a way to release it.

I stood there watching it all wondering what was happening. It all made no sense at all, we had come so far and could do nothing to get the flame and the suposed watchman just wanted to play games. Then it hit me the game! While it seemed to have been all for naught, the watchman was no fool. He started with a riddle, could the game be somehow connected to the key to release the flame? I started thinking about how the game went on and who got killed and it came to me the squares corrisponded to the chest within the same corner. Maybe if the key was used on the chests in order of what square the hero's were killed on, ending on the chest closest to the square Alexander had stood alone on in the end, maybe, just maybe, it would release the flame. Ceredwin tried to do this as others followed him around.

It was so frustrating waiting. Then all of a sudden, as I looked the the dias, a man arrived and stood infront of the flame, said some magic words, and it floated to him. I yelled, "Cerdwin he is stealing the flame!!". He turned and laughed trying to flee with it. I cast a bolt of lightening to slow him down, as others followed suit in the attack, he ran threw the crowd determined to get away. Out the door he flew and opened a gate to flee, when the flame stuck in the gate and refused to move turning the blue gate to orange with its glow. No one could get near it its glow radiated painful heat scorching anyone who approached. Nothing would get the flame from the gate, then the ground began to tremble. Alas the situation had gotten worse. Fire elementals started to attack as the flame got brighter. We dispatched them and the ground stopped shaking for a few minutes. Watching and weary we stood facing the flame and the ground again started to move. Ruddack turn and ran to the east, I followed his persuit and stopped short at the sight before me, and he fell beneath the breath of a flame dragon.

Falme dragon's came in waves as I rushed to Ruddacks side calling a healer. They were enormous, but we could not let that defeat us. I ran and attacked the nearest one, It took many of us beating on the beats and casting all types of magic to stop their onslaught.

The watchman arrived after the flame dragon's were defeated. He approached Ceredwin, who was very ill by this time and feeling very faint. "I have failed my duty," he told the failing Ceredwin. "Take this and return it to me when the flame has been released." He handed Ceredwin his mask and started to turn away. "What can we do to stop this madness?" The watchman faced Ceredwin again and said, "there are three ingredients that can release the flame, find these." I asked what the ingrediants were and the only answer we recieved as the watchman faded was, "remember the prophecies...." Not knowing what else we could do and knowing the Ceredwin indeed needed to be taken back to the house, we opened a gate and all returned to the city.

Disheartened, but atleast with a clue as to what to do next we sat and discussed what our next move should be. Ceredwin kept fainting we had to get him to bed. There was nothing we could do but go out and find the pieces of the prophecy. Gather them all together and find the key to the three ingrediants that would stop the maic the flame was causing being locked in the gate. We planned to meet back there in a day to read the scripts we gathered and we sent for a healer to minister to Ceredwin.... tomorrow is another day.

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