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The Land of Britania, New Begining

Sapsar arrived in the realm of Sosaria weak as a new born babe. Traveling through the void was always like that. She spent weeks training and watching the new pages apply to the guild. The light was begining to spread here and it was time to move to a new home and get the council in order.

Knowing what this would entail, Sapsar was willing to once again help get the guild established, though it would take alot out of everyone involved she knew it would be worth the effort, for the flame needed a stronghold against the darkness of this land, as it did in the Meridian. Though, paper work was the least of the problems, there needed to be rules and regulations based off of the old text put down in scrolls, along with a new code of conduct, new ways to recognize rank among the knights, and most of all to find a good place to build a home in, it was almost insurmountable. Weeks turned into months, as everything was put into order.

Hammer assumed, by vote of the members, the seat of Guildmaster for Britania, and Sapsar sat on the council of nine as Assistant Guildmistress. Her brothers in the flame Trigg and Valor were to preside over the offices of Knight of the Rose and WarLord. Poor Kainan got a small cramped office to work out of trying to sort through the new applicants and help Trigg find worthy knights to take on the duties of Arch Knights for the new pages pouring in. Hela as advisor of the counsel was always busy helping with scribing orders and giving advice to knights more used to the sword then the pen. Every knight worked sun up till sun down and even by the light of candles to raise the funds needed to build a suitable home for everyone.

Tired, weary of body and mind the knights gathered at the askance of the treasurer, LaFox. The inn was deserted, but the barmaids brought a late supper and kept the ale running as everyone talked about what else needed to be done. No matter what was accomplished there was always more, it seemed endless, but everyone knew that evil would never be defeated unless they could spread not only the light through this land, but a stronge united front.

" Well we have enough in the treasury to build a tower, or we could wait for a few more months and try to get the funds to build a castle."

Sapsar looked at LaFox, as he spoke those words, and smiled, it finally looked like they had accomplished something. Aluric stood up and said, "The Knights of the Eternal Flame started with a tower long ago in the lands of Neverwinter, and expanded the keep as it grew, it would be a tribute to those worthy forefathers if we also began as they."

" Besides we have many new squires and pages and we need to establish a base," added Sapsar.

The vote took five minutes compared to the months it took to raise the funds. The architect in Serpents Hold would be notified of their decision on the morrow and the search for a suitable place would begin.

Hammer and Sapsar loaded up the large dragon ship they had bought a few months back and started on a journey to find a place to build their new home. The salty air was pleasant, as they sailed from island to island. Suddenly a water elemental attacked the ship, Sapsar and Hammer grabbed their weapons and started to fend it off as another one came into view, battered and bleeding they finally killed one. The ship was being tossed by the waves that churned around the beast that was left. It started pulling lightning down on Hammer one after another, Sapsar's mage abilities were sufficient to keep Hammer on his feet as they lashed into it, but something had to happen soon they both were being wore down. Then Hammer stepped back and started casting a spell, trying to keep his concentration as the waves beat against the sides of the boat. An electic bolt flew from his hands and the monster exploded in a gush of water and disapeared. Sapsar sat on the side of the deck exhausted and Hammer eased down beside her. They took the water and bandages offered and started to help each other clean and dress the wounds. After a bite to eat they sat at the prow and watched darkness fall across the ocean.

" Land ahead!"

Sapsar woke with an eager smile and looked at the jungled island before them. Hammer packed all they would need and they headed off the boat to explore. After a short time they realized that the undergrowth was too thick to put up a tower here, but instead of turning back they journey to the center of the Island. There was rumor of a shrine tucked away on a southern island and wanted to see if it was true. Right in the middle of the jungle was the Shrine of Valor. Smiling at Hammer, Sapsar took a step toward the shrine to pay her respects to the virtue which all KEF Knights followed, when a poisonous snake attacked her.

She slew the vile thing quickly and heard a voice from everywhere and nowhere say "this day you are to be hereforth known in the lands of Britania as the Lady Sapsar."

Hammer put a comforting arm around her and said, "That is indeed a good omen m'lady Sapsar."

They walked back to the ship with a light step and embarked again on their search. It was days before they found a suitable place tucked on a quiet island called Ocllo and finally turned the prow towards the city of Trinsic.

A mage opened a gate for the many knights and their squires gathered with the archetect to christen the place they had chosen to build. As soon as the archetect stepped out of the gate he shook his head. "Ye can not build here my lords the land is too unstable it would sink in the sea ere a year past." Dishearted they went back through the gate and tried to decide what to do.

Hammer, Valor, Kainan, Sapsar, Trigg and a few squires headed over land to the north of the town called Yew. There had to be someplace to build their home. Hours passed as they searched the coats lines, warding off attacks by the densizens of the forest, as they plodded on. Heavy at heart they refused to give up when Hammer stumbled across a perfect spot.

Try as he might the paces he stepped off for the building didn't seem to fit and was about to move on when Valor said, "wait." and turned by a tree and began to measure the spot from a different angle.

Patiently we waited for him to be finished when he turned to us and smiled, "If we start over here it will fit nicely."

Excited we ran back to town and roused the archetect from his bed. "Give me a minute," he replyed after we pleeded with him to come see the place we found.

He came out of his shop with a funny piece of paper, "I somehow knew ye would be back ere the sun rose and had a friend of mine who dabbles in the arts make you this."

He handed Valor a deed and told us to post it on the land and wait till the sun touched the trees."

With a smirk he took the gold and went back inside. We looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and took the paper back to the land and laid it precisely as the old man told us and sat and waited till the sun rose. Just as the light touched the grass at our feet we heard a rumble and jumped from the spot where we had waited. There before our very eyes stone upon stone the Tower was being built.

"What kind of magic is this?"

"I sure don't know Sappy, but its the most amazing thing I ever saw," said Trigg, as he ran to the tower and flew open the doors.

We all entered the building and stood in awe at the beauty of our wonderful home. In that second, Sapsar knew that everything her and her brothers and sisters had went through was worth it. They looked at all the rooms on each floor and then ascended to the roof. Trigg walked to the center of the roof and smiled, as he pulled a gold box from his pack wrapped in silk.

H e turned to Hammer and said, "This is something you should do," and handed him the box.

We all stood in a circle and hammer opened the box and set it on the floor, from it a light began to eminate and filled the roof, and suddenly before their very eyes the Eternal Flame rose to a place above their heads and poured its warmth over them. Each of them knelt silently before the light they served, home again at last.

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