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Sonoma Knights of the Eternal Flame
By Laws

1) Members must be helpful to others, and be willing to help when asked.

2) Members must act upright in all things, language and actions.

Language of less than a civil nature is considered be an affront to the reputation of the guild and its members.

As such the council has provided guidelines in writing for the reference of our members.

3) No member of this guild should in any instance accost, attack, or engage in harassment of another person.

Even those Freeman and Craftsman who are members of the guild are expected to uphold the "Code of Conduct" and its standards laid out for knightly behavior.

4) Members shall maintain their notoriety in good standing.

Appearances are an important element of what this guild stands for. To that end one should at all times behave and treat others as they themselves would want to be treated.

5) Members of this guild can not and will not use Poison.

6) Members of the guild shall at all times wear KEF colors

7) Violations of any of the rules used to direct and govern the guild's affairs shall be punishable under the code of conduct, (as the council may direct). The GM has the responsibility to determine the means resolution and/or punishment.

8) CANDIDACY: Each member to be considered for candidacy must meet one simple prerequisite. The character's Notoriety MUST be Good.

9) Guild members must be prepared to render assistance. In preforming these acts of kindness and good faith good role playing is highly encouraged. As members of KEF we must be dedicated to fighting evil.

10) If the Warlord and Guild master in concert declare "war"; it shall be construed as a "quest" of sorts involving two or more guilds.

If you are online, you must answer (respond) to the call to battle.

If engaged and unable to attend, or non-PVP oriented, ESP suffices.

11) If you come across a PVP battle, and your aid is requested or you wish to enter the fight

You MUST announce yourself BEFORE you launch an attack into battle.

It can be as simple as "KEF IN !!!".

12) All members shall read and adhere to all Ultima guidelines and rules for players.

Refer to the Code of Conduct for further direction.

13) KEF (the GM and some other members); also support the other good guilds in the realms, with ideas, counsel, and camaraderie!

14) The path from application to full guild member is

a) Candidate

Upon acceptance the candidate shall become a page
b) Page

Upon completion of 4 quests a page will be promoted to the rank of squire by their Arch Knights

c) Squire

upon completion of 8 assigned quests they advance to the rank of Knight Errant

d) Knight-Errant

A 30 day waiting period shall be imposed before a Knight Errant may be knighted, commencing from the day they are appointed the title of Knight Errant.

Upon completion of all requirements for knighting, a knight-errant shall request a knighting ceremony.

KE's will not be assigned Pages and squires without the express and implicit approval of the Guild Master.

Upon knighting the knight-errant shall advance in rank to that of a full guild member, and be known as a Knight of the Sword or Shield or both, As chosen during the knighting Ceremonies

15) This guild consists of a Council of Nine.

16) In the event the GM is "unknown" for 30 days or more, the AGM will assume the GM position and duties

17) Members shall excersie due caution when Noto Hunting, refer to the code of coduct

18) Member status shall be reflective of the provisions as provided for by the central council.

***Note: please remember, the above are guidelines and may not be applicable insome circumstances such as events, etc, and common sense should be exercised in all situations as well.

Upon receipt of a request to join the guild accompanied by a signed statement of intent to be bound by the guild's rules and laws, applicants who aspire to the status of Knighthood shall be assigned to an Arch Knight and assigned quests within 48 hours of your acknowledgement and acceptance of these rules. Freeman and Craftsman shall be contacted by the guilds "Prior" or a similar represenatative of the guilds council with further instructions.

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