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The End of Neverwinter

I looked around me at the trechery of evil everywhere. The last of the cities has fallen under the sway of evil, there is fighting and rioting in the streets. I watch as my brothers and sisters stand beside me and fight off their attacks trying to save the innocent people who are still trying to flee. Children are escourted onto awaiting ships to the backdrop of screams and burning houses. Parents fight beside the knights to assure their children's escape, but as each hour passes their cries fade with the flowing crimsom washing the streets. I look at the tired faces of those beside me. I know that soon we will have to retreat.

Lord Nasher sits in his mansion looking out his window at the devistation of his once beautiful city. Tears roll unceasing down his face, as he turns his back on his brave knights and falls upon his sword.

A loud cackling can be heard in the air. I turn and grab Kedryn's hand, knowing that the time is near for us to depart from this world. He looks into my eyes with a sadness that bespeaks the loss of our home, our friends, and our dreams. . .

. . . the visions of the Keep falling to the evil hords that overwhelmed our gates comes back, as it does every time I closed eyes for a second, but three days without sleep brings them even in wakefulness. I can still hear the bells ringing and the cries of our brothers and sisters who will not be with us, because we could not save them from the destruction that awaited all of us. . .

As each strangled wail echos through the streets my heart mourns for the loss.

. . .The stench of burned flesh as the Keep's towers went up in flames burns my nostrals still. The blood staining the carpets and walls fills my eyes as we raced to the tunnels guarding till those who still could , escaped. . .

I turn from his gaze feeling lost and empty.

We lift the packs filled with the few things we could carry. With swords drawn, free hands clasped tightly together, and our backs against the docks, we wait for the word to depart, fighting off those that still pressed us. Loud crashes could be heard as parts of Neverwinter began to sink into the sea.

I looked to see if all that escaped the Keep's utter destruction were still enduring and I spotted Iranian and Aluric standing firm behind us holding the Eternal Flame between them, shielding it with their lives.

Then all at once a sound could be heard above the din, a clarion call for the Knights of the Eternal Flame to depart for Neverwinter is lost, Lord Nasher has deserted us and evil is trying to flee into other worlds through rents their magicians had ripped into the fabric of the earth. Tears fell unbidden down our cheeks, as we raised our swords in the air and bellowed, "Hear us now, We vow as one that we will not allow you to escape so easily. The Eternal Flame will burn with rightiousness all who have injured and slain the weak and helpless. We will impose Justice on those who have to harmed others for their own pleasure. Beware of the sword of Truth that will cut you down each time you raise your hand against any one of our brothers or sisters, Know that we will be there watching and waiting."

Then in unison we place our hands upon our hearts and repeated the words given to us, as a gift from the Elves of Evandor, "save me."

A flash of blue light enveloped us. I could feel Kedryn's hand slipping from my grasp, but had not the strength to hold on any tighter. Time slowed to a stop, all the wearyness of the past days seemed to fall off my shoulders, renewed and cleansed of all the horror I had witnessed, I found myself in a grove of magnificent trees. The air tasted sweet to my lungs and the softness of the earth seemed to comfort all the sorrow in my heart.

scribed by,
Lady Sapsar DeThraven

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