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Sonoma Shard Player and OSI Run Quests

Uptodate info for OSI run quests
Lord British's Nightmares (OSI All Shard Quest)
Npc's speaking about the events (invulnerable):
Lord British
Sage Xavia
Sage Etherian

other Npc's involved but silent as yet:
Royal Guard Geoffrey
Sage Nystal locked in his chambers

Evil/antagonists known so far:
an enchantress is the leader behind everything

Order of events to date:
Lord British begins having nightmares sages are also beset by the same type of visions. They speak of dead walking again, cities on fire, evil unearthed, and an evil eminating from Buc's Den.

Lord British send some gurad undercover in Buc's Den
When investigating Buc's Den the north eastern corner of the island has a purple leads to a remote corner of Ocllo. There the lair is located where Sindl's Flame was can be found.

The undead attack britian cemetary but are destroyed.

The pirates attack moonglow. Streets run with blood and bodies, as we fight them back. The enchantress and her pirate leaders crinn, and Lazag raid the Lycenium and steal three books:

Book of the Dead.
An Eater of Souls.
Servants of Blood.

Watch for more news from the town cryer newpaper. ye can also ask the town cryer in any town for news if they have some they will tell ye. Read the first installment of Lord British's dreams an Evil Disturbance

There is a new story in the town cryer about this quest also, the link for the town cryer will take you there.

Info on player and seer quests can always be found out at the sonoma quest board which houses archives for all quests running so far and a message board.

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