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Recreation Hall

Events and News Calendar

I have rearranged the events and quests page there was too much information on one page. So you will find current news and events here, news and info on each quest and links to read up on the quests we are involved in and those we might begin can be found in the shard quest page, the role play stories and screen shots of the quests we participate in in the rp quest hall.

*** If you have a quest idea, event idea, or just something to do that will encourage role play please let us know.

Thanks Sapsar

**coming soon we will be having a weekly quest night. We will begin with treasure map hunting and also add some adventuring like visiting the maze, or a player run establishment like Yew Merry Center for All (yes the YMCA!), or other places of interest we as a group would like to explore. let me know what you'd like to do. Ruddack is working on getting everything ready for the treasure map hunts.

***There are many player/seer run quests posted at the sonoma quest boards if anyone would like to take the time to read up on them and see if it is something we as a group would like to get involved in let me know its hard to keep up on more then two at a time myself. just follow the link to the sonoma quest board.

sonoma quest board

Sonoma Shard Quest Hall

Quest Role Play Hall

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