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Plant Colors

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Currently there are 12 differnt colors of crossable plants and one plain (normal).
*(Mutant colors will be discussed in the mutants section)*

Colors are set up like a color wheel.

Primary Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow
Secondary Colors: Orange, Green, Purple
There are also the bright colors of both primary and secondary colors:
Bright Red, Bright Blue, Bright Yellow, Bright Orange, Bright Green, Bright Purple

There is also a plain plant.
Any plain plant crossed with another plain or any color will ALWAYS result in a plain plant.

Primary and Plain







Bright Colors







You get Bright Colors by crossing either two of the same color,
or a primary and bright of the same hue: red plus bright red.

red + yellow = orange
red + blue = purple
blue + yellow = purple
red + red = bright red
yellow + yellow = bright yellow
blue + blue = bright blue
green + green = bright green
orange + ornage = bright orange
purple + purple = bright purple

That is the basics of the color system.

More complicated mixing:
darker colors will be dominate when crossing with bright colors:
red + bright yellow = orange
blue + bright yellow = green
Unless the darker color is the same as the bright color:
red + bright red = bright red
blue + bright blue = bright blue

A secondary color when crossed with another secondary color will result in a primary color.
green + purple = blue
green + orange = Yellow
orange + purple = Red
The system seems to be based on amount of color used to create the secondary color.
For instance: green + purple = blue
to get green you need to mix blue and yellow
to get purple you need to mix blue and red
so it would look like this: (blue + yellow) + (blue + red) the result would be Blue as there is more blue in the mixture.

It also seems that primary or bright colors when mixed with a secondary color will result in a primary color.
red + purple = red
blue + purple = blue
bright red + orange = red
bright orange + green = yellow

This may run on the same principle as the above where it depends on the amount of primary color in each mix.
the only exception is colors such as red + green = red
red + (yellow+blue) = red
the resulting color seems to default to the primary color used to mix with the secondary.

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