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Calah Greenleaf
Sonoma Shard

Mekela Grandier
Catskills Shard
There are currently 3 resource producing plants.
All of them are 4th generation plants and each are bright colored.

Red leaf

It is book wax.

Once a redleaf is used on a book it can not be edited by anyone.

Bright Red Is the color of the Plant that produces the red leaf resource.

To Use the red leaf just double clik it and target the book you want to seal in wax.

Quest books, player made librarys, and vendor shop books are great ways to use this resource.

*(Only Red Books were able to be written in by players. Now both purple and red books are editable by anyone. Older purple books locked down and not ever moved may still be uneditable. But once that book is unlocked beware it can be edited by anyone after its relocked down.)*

There are three red leaf
rescource producers:

Bright Red Elephant Ear

Bright Red Century

Bright Red Ponytail Palm

Orange Petal

It is Poison Resist.

Bright Orange is the Color of the plant that produces this resource.

The effects last for 5 minutes.

It resists any poison everytime from lower poison to greater poison.

It does not resist deadly poison.

To use the petal, double click it to eat.

Is great against some nox mages, and also in pvm when dealing with poison casting/ poisonous creatures.

There are Three Orange Petal
resource Producers:

Bright Orange Bulrush

Bright Orange Poppies

Bright Orange Pampas Grass

Green Thorn

This Resource has many uses.

To use a thorn double click it and target something.

*(note the jury is still out on wether or not all the uses for the thorn have been discovered)*

Known Thorn Uses:
Planting it in dirt = regeants and fertile dirt

Planting it in Snow = Ice Blue Worm (tamable after being beaten down)

Planting it in a farmers field = Vorpal Bunny (ice blue colored rabbit)
Possible colored eggs for loot

Planting it in the swamps = Whipping Vine
Decorative Vines for loot

Planting it in Lava = regeants and fertile dirt that burns up

Planting it in sand = the secret entrance to the 5th solen egg nest
(if you do the naturalist quest and then use a thorn in the sand (tram/fel only) to go to the 5th egg nest, when you return to the naturalist you will recieve a fire seed) *sand in T2a and illsh do not work to open a hole to the 5th nest.*

many other paces and things have been tried its up to you to experiment more with this.

There are Two Green Thorn
Resource Producers

Bright Green Barrel Cactus

Bright Green Snake Plant

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