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Calah Greenleaf
Sonoma Shard

Mekela Grandier
Catskills Shard

Currently there are 6 different mutants in the plant system.

A mutant is not a type of plant, as any type of plant can be a mutant.

A mutant is based on color.

The 6 colors of Mutants are:
Fire Red

Mutants DO NOT ever produce seeds, resources or pollen.
The reproduction menu will display a large X by seeds, resources, and pollen.

Black and White Mutants
There is a .05% chance of getting a black/white mutant with each cross pollination.

A black/white mutant can be any type of plant.
To get a mutant you have to cross pollinate your plants.
Self pollinated plants will not ever produce a mutant.

A mutant plant will get the decorative mode on day 10 like any other plant.

There is no reason for keeping a mutant vibrant because, you can not use it for anything but decoration.

Naturalist Quest Mutants

There are 4 color seeds given to you for completing the Naturalist Quest.
The naturalist can be found in any library and the Lycenium in moonglow.

Aqua, pink and magenta seeds are given to those who study 4 solen egg nests.
The seed color you recieve is purely random.

Aqua Bulrush

Pink Small Palm

Magenta Snowdrops

The fire red seed is a special reward given to those who discover the secret 5th solen egg nest.

A Fire Red Century

To get a fire seed:
1. complete the study on the 4 solen nests.
2. get a green thorn and plant in any sand (fel/tram).
(resource from bright green barrel cactus or bright green snake plants)
3. Jump in the hole that opens.
This leads to the 5th secret solen egg nest.
The hole only stays open for a short time.
4. Return to the naturalist to recieve your fire seed.

Each of the 4 colored seeds generate a random plant type,
from the 17 current plants, when grown.

These plants produce no seeds, resources, or pollen.

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