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Welcome to our gardening page.
We hope you can find all the info you will need to start
and suceeed in growing your own healthy plants.
For those of you looking for specific information other then the basics,
please jump to the links below.

Lets start with the supplies you will need:

A seed (these come in various colors). These can be bought from a player vendor or taken off a bogling.
A water pitcher can be purchased at any inn. A water trough comes in handy to refill.
An empty planting bowl can be purchased from the provisioner (2gps each)
greater cure
greater heal
greater poison
greater strength
potion kegs. These are important if you plan to grow alot of plants

Next Step planting your first seed: Planting Basics

bring your newly bought bowl to a patch of dirt. Double click the empty bowl.

Target the dirt to fill the bowl

Now you have a bowl of hard dirt
double click the pitcher and water the bowl twice to turn it into soft dirt ready for planting.
NOTE: If you use too much water it will say squishy. This will drown your new seed.
(if this should happen double click the bowl, find the empty bowl bottom right of your menu, dump it out and start again.)
Double Click your seed and target the bowl to plant it.

Thats it! You now have a new plant started. Follow the links for care instructions.

The Plant Menu: How to read what your plant needs, how it grows, and when it will bloom.

Growth Stages: seedling to full grown plant. at what stage to cross, get seeds/resources, turn to deco mode.

Storage and Growth: Where to grow or not grow your plants

Plant Types: Generations

An Easy Breakdown of Cross pollination: How to get the plant you want.

Plant Colors: how many and how to get a specific color.

Resources: Breakdown of what plant types and resources are available with the current system

Mutants:what are they and how do you get them

Gardening Forum: stop by to ask questions, discuss ideas, or drop a link.

Links: other garden sites and forums

Thanks for Visiting Us We Hope You Have A Happy Healthy Garden!

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