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Calah Greenleaf
Sonoma Shard
Storage and Growth

Mekela Grandier
Catskills Shard

Plants Grow on a 23 hour cycle.
This is to compensate for unexpected shard down times and morning maintance periods.

Plants will only grow in these areas:

Player Bank Boxes

Player Pack

Locked Down in a house
(outside a container)

Beetle Packs

Plants will NOT grow in these areas:

Locked down inside
a container in a house

On a vendor

Inside a secure

Plants locked down in houses:
* Growth check happens at server up after morning maintance.
* If you plant a seed and lock the bowl down it will take two server ups for its first growth check.
* Plants will grow at every server up if they are not diseased from the last growth check.
(so if you are not going to be on a day, your plant will still continue growing and could die leaving nothing not even a empty bowl behind)

Plants in players Packs/Banks/Beetles:
* These will grow 23 hours after you plant them at the same time everyday.
* They only get a growth check when the player logs on.
So, if you plant a seed at 3 pm it will have a growth check the next day at about 2:30 pm if you log on at that time. If you wait until 5pm that will be its new growth timer.
* Plants will NOT grow unless the player growing the plants logs on.
So, if you do not log on that day the first time you log on after the 23 hour timer is over your plants will have a growth check.

Keeping Plants to Pollinate in the future:
* Your best bet is dropping them into a secure, they will not get a growth check till they are taken out again.
This is a great way to save pollen for future needs as well as unpollinated plants.
* Selling Unpollinated plants on vendors will also keep the plant in stasis.

* You can not stable a beetle with its packs full! You will Get banned.
* Bewary when buying Vibrant Plants off vendors as you can not acess the plant menu to see what day it is on.
* Shop at trusted vendors, get plants from friends/guildmates, or grow your own.

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