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Sonoma Knights of the Eternal Flame
Guild Charter

The members of the Knights of the Eternal Flame Guild are lawful good, and as such must at all times act accordingly.

Membership is open to all classes and multi classes except thieves,assassins and rouges.

While all other classes are permitted, all members shall conduct themselves as if Knights of our order aspiring to be Paladins.

All members of the guild with out regard to rank or status; will abide by all the rules of the guild, as presented as our Charter, By-Laws and Code of Conduct.

All candidates for membership must have read these rules of the guild; and as a condition of membership, agree to be bound under the restrictions and obligations they impose on your character.

Player versus player fighting being a real part of the game.

The Knights of the Eternal Flame always welcome capable members, Warriors and Wizards alike.

Let it be further known that membership in the guild is also equally open to Craftsmen and Freeman on an equal standing with the ranks of knighthood.

Defeating evil is the guilds basic main goal, it matters not if Good should prevail by means afforded in direct combat, or fiscal ruin.

Each member of the guild shall be free to select the path they wish to walk in the lights cast best suited to them.

Knights of the guild may elect their own paths as well; Sword (PVP) or Shield (Non PVP). This choice is made upon induction into the guild, as a part of their public knighting ceremony.

All members of KEF are subject to discipline, up to and including dismissal, upon proof of violating the guilds rules; as determined by trial before the guilds council.


May the FLAME burn forever, lighting away the darkness of evil till all is bright as day!

Join the knights as they roam the realms, defeating evil wherever it is found.

Help the knights of KEF to build an enjoyable, friendly atmosphere in Britannia on the Sonoma Shard, for ALL to enjoy.


Judge not above thine own standards!

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